Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Firefox memory leak revisited

I recently wrote about Firefox 2 becoming a pig, meaning that it consumes huge amounts of memory and slows down. This of course is a memory leak as expected. During the course of research of the problem I have discovered a couple of things that are short term work arounds.
  1. Restart Firefox every day. It consumes memory over time (NSS!) so by restarting it, the memory will be released
  2. uninstall any add-ons (extensions) that you don't use.
  3. Uninstall extra themes
  4. Run Firefox in Safe Mode
  5. Keep unused browser tabs closed
I found this list of known problematic extensions that you should check out to make sure you are not running them:

There are claims that the extensions (especially the problematic ones) are causing the memory leaks. However, I only run about 4 lightweight extensions that I keep updated and only the default Firefox theme and I still have the memory leak problem. In fact, today Firefox on my desktop is comsuming over 163mb after restarting it about 18 hours ago. Guess it's about time for another restart.

Come On Mozilla Foundation! Get this fixed or I fear that many will resort back to IE. Oh the guilt...

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