Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Firefox - Have they Tamed the Animal?

I have written a couple of times about Firefox 2.0+ issues mostly regarding memory usage and memory leaks. Recently Mozilla released which is intended to primarily be a stability (not security this time) release. Well, I am pleased to say that after about a week of use, the memory leak problem seems to have been resolved.
Thank You Mozilla!

In addition, I have determined that one of the extentions I was using was a big memory hog. The extension was ANSWERS 2.2.27
It would use nearly 100mb of ram upon Firefox startup. I expect that they were using some sort of memory resident database of common words. Well, it was not worth the 100mb to me, so goodby Answers 2.2.27.

Now without Answers and with the resolved Firefox memory leaks, I am happy to report that Firefox is back to the "lean mean browsing machine" that I once loved.