Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Working in IT Hazardous to your Health?

Most would say no, and for the most part, IT work is a pretty safe profession. But, what about the IT guy or girl that sits in one place with their hands on the keyboard most of the day? Or, the IT person that lifts servers or desktop computers often? Are you plagued with shoulder pain, headaches and backaches? Here are a few tips to keep your body pain free (or at least, less pain):
  • Keep your chair adjusted properly. In time most chairs will move out of adjustment through daily use. Check it on a regular basis.
  • Get up and Move! Walk to lunch, walk around the building or up a few flights of stairs during your break time.
  • Use a phone headset. If you spend a reasonable amount of time on the phone, get a headset instead of straining your shoulder and neck.
  • Use the buddy system for lifting and moving equipment. Don't try to be the hero by racking up equipment by yourself. You also run the risk of dropping a very expensive piece of equipment... that would not be good!
  • Don't strain your eyes. Adjust your monitors and wear the proper eye correction.
For me, I suffer from frequent neck strain and headaches when I don't pay attention to these details.

Take Care.

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