Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Firefox 2.0 becoming a PIG ?

Recently Firefox 2.0 (I am on to be exact) seems to either have a memory leak or is simply becoming a resource hog. It is currently using over 200mb or memory with just three tabs open. Also, it seems that in time the auto complete features of both the address box and the search box use more and more CPU and become slower and slower. I get the old typing one character at a time response in these boxes.

I mention the slower over time because I will leave Firefox open for days because I have network monitor tools running in a couple of tabs. If I restart Firefox it will start back up using about 36mb of memory with my initial two tabs open. Looks like a mem leak to me! I guess the short term fix is to restart Firefox daily.

Also, as a side note... I had used Fasterfox a few weeks ago and with Fasterfox it seemed to chew up memory much faster and performance degraded within hours. So much for Fasterfox. I uninstalled Fasterfox and to get back to original Firefox (Slowerfox ???) and now it is back to taking a couple days to getting back to a crawl.

Anyone have more info or a fix for this out there?

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