Monday, May 21, 2007

Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade - Determine Version

For my first Tech Tip I thought I would help demystify the old Linksys router version problem. The trouble is that you must know the correct version number of your router in order to download and install the correct firmware upgrade. For the most part, there is no issue... just look the serial number / model number sticker usually found on the bottom of the box (sometimes the side) and the version will be listed after the model number. For example "Model No WRT54G v2.2"

But what if the version is not listed? In that case is it simply v1.0 even though it is not listed (and most of the version 1.0 are not).

What about just installing the later version firmware even though it is not for my v1.0 router... Don't do it. You will most likely turn it into a paper weight... and not a very good one at that. I know because I have done it.

Hope this helps someone out there!


Anonymous said...

Very helpful! I was going to assume v1.0, but I didn't want to take the chance without looking. Thanks, guy!

Anonymous said...

In the future you may want to use a custom firmware for your linksys router. There really picking up speed and becoming common to use custom firmwars on the linksys (wireless) routers. You can add a bunch of better features and better security by doing it.
something to consider for sure. heres a list of some custom firmwares you may want to consider

ice said...

I have taken linsys router version 2, wich was flashed using firmware for version 1. Can i fix it ?